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Understanding Headaches: Part 1

Headaches are experienced by a significant percentage of people, and create serious disruption to our lives.

Some headaches charge into our day, unannounced and with full force, like a wild thunderstorm distressing everything in its path. Others announce themselves more subtly, creating just enough distraction to outright annoy you, wondering when this unwelcome guest will finally leave you alone. And still others will give you a casual signal, indicating that while things are okay now, you’re going to want a dark room and silence in a few hours.

And whether through their effect on your concentration, the inevitable fatigue that joins in, the genuine experience of pain or even just the nuisance of having to wipe your constantly tearing eye….headaches just simply ruin your day. Or weekend. Or week.

Worst of all, the list of remedies is miles long and creates even more angst and confusion.

So what does chiropractic have to offer? Three (very important) things actually!

1) A diagnosis of your headache and an explanation of what that means.

2) A treatment plan designed around your needs. And remember, a chiropractor offers hands on therapies, not just a single method of treatment.


3) A prognosis. This means a given expectation of your response to care.

Please stay tuned as I will review some of the most common types of headaches over the next few posts. Not only will I describe each headache pattern, but I will also present evidenced based treatment options.

Which headache type are you?

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