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A custom foot orthotic is an insert to be placed directly into your footwear. Specifically moulded from your own feet, a perfect fit is ensured.

Smiths Falls Orthotics

Custom foot orthotics are specifically moulded to your own feet.

There are many purposes for orthotics. Primarily directed at the feet, they act to properly position the arches of the feet to optimally distribute forces. This allows for an unloading to take place in overstressed areas, which may (or already have) developed painful symptoms and dysfunction. These disorders may include plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, morton’s neuroma, metatarsalgia or diabetic foot problems.

Also, the position of the foot has a great effect on how the entire lower limb functions, pelvic positioning and even lower back function. This is based on the unique shape and structure of the ankle joint, and its relationship to the arches in the feet.

As orthotics are designed to correct for abnormal foot function and position, they aim to realign the foot to absorb and distribute stress normally.

For more information on custom foot orthotics, do not hesitate to contact us to book your appointment for an orthotic consultation. (613) 205-0978