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Active Release Technique

Smiths Falls Active Release Technique

Runners and athletes of all types often suffer from injuries that respond to our approach.

Active Release Techniques (also known as ART®) is a specialized soft tissue therapy system so unique, it has been granted a medical patent. Designed to promote proper healing during the injury reparative process and/or to correct for improper healing which has led to chronic painful syndromes, ART ® can benefit a broad array of injuries and patients. ART® is more than just a therapy, it is a soft-tissue management system aimed at the muscles, tendons, fascia, nerves and the other connective tissues that hold it all together!

When tissue is injured, the body responds with scar tissue. This tissue is part of an important process which helps to quickly restore tissue strength, helping you to continue with your daily functioning. However, this process is not efficient in terms of long term function. In the end, scar tissue becomes adherent to surrounding structures. This can create a reduced range of motion which leads to faulty movement patterns, or even create compression on blood vessels and nervous tissue.

Cumulative Injury cycle image

Active Release Technique® can help restore your function and reduce your symptoms.

Restore Function

Through a systematic assessment and specified treatment approach that aims to improve motion and function, ART ® can reduce and correct the symptoms of many cumulative trauma disorders. Therefore, whether administrative assistant or competitive hockey player, activity related knee pain or carpal tunnel syndrome, ART ®can help restore your function and reduce your symptoms.

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