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shutterstock_124412227As we gear up for football and hockey season, the problem with concussion injuries once again surround the water cooler.

While the majority of concussion injuries are self resolving within 7-10 days, many continue to go undiagnosed which prevents appropriate management, and therefore healing.

An extremely complicated injury, the symptoms can vary for individuals. Most notably however are symptoms of fatigue, dizziness, difficulty with concentration and headache.

To learn more about the signs and symptoms of concussion, please read the attached article and feel free to share with your friends and family. The more people are aware of the signs, the more likely these complicated injuries will be managed appropriately. Concussion PDF

Recently, research has pointed to rehabilitation of the cervical spine (neck) as being an important component of concussion treatment plans. Through this method, sufferers experience faster recovery when compared to those given instructions on simple stretching techniques and advised to rest. This is exactly the type of treatment chiropractors utilize in concussion recovery plans.

For more information, ask your chiropractor.

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