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Luke Richards, RMT, PTS

“I believe that the human body is a powerful tool, capable of so much more than we realize. Treating the body with respect, by taking care of it and working on it, is the key to realizing our full potential.”
Headshot of Luke Richards, RMT, PTS

Luke Richards, RMT, PTS

I grew up just outside the Greater Toronto Area, and from a young age always had a curiosity in the human body. I have been seeing a chiropractor and massage therapist since I was 3 weeks old, so I attest to the benefits of a team-based natural medical approach. My passion for athletics started at a very young age. Playing hockey, baseball, football, rugby, as well as various mixed martial arts since the age of 4 was just the beginning of my journey into athletics and seeing what my body was capable of. However, most of these activities were quite demanding, and I battled with chronic pain, concussions, injuries, and fatigue for most of my youth. That’s when I realized I wanted to discover why our bodies react this way, and help others dealing with similar problems that faced me. While coaching youth football, I had realized this fascination with mechanical injuries, and the improvement of human performance inspired me to becoming a massage therapist and personal trainer.

Education and Experience

I attended Sir Sanford Fleming College in 2014, and graduated from with an Advanced Massage Therapy Certificate in 2017 while playing football with the Oshawa Hawkeyes. Once graduated, I yearned to escape study halls and textbooks, and enjoy the outdoors. So I left after the summer to go work in Banff, Alberta. Working with recreational and Olympic level athletes in the Rocky Mountains, I was exposed to so many interesting people from across the globe who shared a similar passion of mine. Once the Alpine Ski World Cup had concluded, I moved back home to be with my family and to begin working within my hometown community. While working as an RMT, I also became a certified Personal Training Specialist through CanFitPro in 2018.

Clinical Expertise

I am familiar with many forms of massage therapy techniques including treatment of acute and chronic injuries, myofascial stretch and release, and joint mobilizations. Along with providing appropriate homecare to target the issue at hand and with proper stretching, exercise, and postural education, this makes me well equipped to handle any of your injuries as well as help you to prevent them.

Kinesthetic Philosophy

With experience in soft tissue/muscular function and athletic conditioning, my consistent pursuit of peak performance and health is ambitious and suitable to anyone looking to simply get better. From the occasional athlete to the serious competitor, and even those just looking to relieve pain and feel great… I look forward to taking in clients from all walks of life. With a strong background in health and wellness, I anticipate your specific needs as a client and will go above and beyond to ensure your goals are met with satisfaction. I look forward to working with you! Contact Us today at (613) 205-0978.